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One of the largest earthquakes ever recorded struck central Chile this past Saturday, Feb. 28, 2010 while the country was in the midst of bicentennial celebrations of 200 years of independence from Spain. One visual art show in the capital city, Santiago, sanctioned for the bicentennial, eerily foreshadowed the country’s tragic future.

El terremoto de Chile (The Earthquake of Chile) preceded the catastrophic, real-life event by just two months. The instilation was on display in Santiago’s Museum of contemporary Art from October to December of 2009. The curator, Fernando Castro Flores, designed the show as a dialogue between the visual arts and literature, giving the show its foreboding pretext based on the story, The Earthquake of Chile, by the German, romantic writer Heinrich von Kleist. However, in light of recent events, the show seems more a dialogue between art and life, in one of its saddest simulacra.

A strange and unsettling pairing, below are images from the Santiago art exhibit alongside photos of the actual earthquake that hit Chile only two months later.

Francisca Garcia. Catastrophe. 2009.

Residents of Concepion, Chile look at a collapsed building. 2010.

Fernando Prats. Seismograph of Chile. 2009.

A resident of Talca, Chile, walks amid debris of a destroyed house. 2010.

Pablo Ferrer. Excavation. 2009.

Overturned cars on a destroyed highway in Santiago. 2010.

Nury Gonzales. Veiled Dream. 2009.

Destroyed walls of a hotel in Vina del Mar. 2010.


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